Since our saturated environments keep getting faster and busier, I have been focusing my artistic energy in creating “capsule” works that give the audience a taste of being present. My intention is to offer a time and space for the public to get immersed into mindful observation. 

I work with several mediums, mainly, video, sculpture, and interactive installations; all with a common idea behind: to bring up to the podium everyday subtleties in movement, rhythm and sounds in the world around us. So, when isolated from their original context, their mundaneness will transform into an amusing magnitude. The thread connecting all of my works, derives from the fascination of capturing and magnifying the beauty in slowness and repetition. Whatever the medium I am using, the feeling of movement, always stays present. 

I often embrace the elegance of slowness in the form of kinetic sculptures. From a few fabrics floating in circles to a dripping faucet or a light drifting. Small everyday acts which have the ability to captivate ones gaze and immerse the viewer into a personal experience in the world of tranquility.

With my background in interaction design I have been able to realise several what if scenarios of my imagination, using various sensor triggers. I particularly enjoy creating installations as public experiments. For instance, I have developed a series of works based on the intuitive movements from our daily environments, to generate musical instruments that are easy to use and accessible to a general public, with out the need of a musical education.

I take pleasure from taking time to observe the world around me and from finding ways to share this feeling with as many people as possible.